When we decided to get a Border Collie as our next dog we knew we would need help. This dog was for my husband who needed a ” man’s dog” not a lap dog. We had plenty of space to exercise her so the time was ideal. It soon became obvious that the high energy fun dog needed more than what we could give. We did our research and found Bill. So at 6 months we dropped off Maggie for the two week training. At that point I was so relieved as I was the primary caregiver and I was always worried she’d run off or run out the door. Wow! What a difference!! Completely different dog! Still my sweet friendly Maggie but a calmer more predicable version. When she has her collar on she knows it is time to work. 6 months on from training and I have to say that the “new” Maggie is a joy! Even without her collar, she follows commands and requires minimal corrections with her collar. We have taken her out to Lowes and different places to eat lunch. I don’t worry at night taking her out of leash to go to the bathroom that she will run after the deer. Two favorite things , the light on the collar and the “out” command . Training is an investment but it is worth every penny. Bill obviously loves dogs and cares that your dog is trained correctly. He’s there after training as well if you have questions. I cannot recommend him more highly!! My only criticism is that he left San Antonio!!! We will miss him here!!